Do you want to ask your employer a question, maybe even some sharp question? Do you want to understand why certain issues are happening in the organization? Want to get what you are eligible for according to the law? Do you have an idea how to improve the working conditions, making them more comfortable for yourself and your colleagues? Do you have other good ideas how to make the life brighter and more just?

Then we are like-minded people!

Join us and the Banking&FinanceUnion as a team of like-minded people:

1. Get answers to important questions for a work team.

2. Protect the rights and interests of the employee and a work team.

3. Will give advice.

4. Provide legal assistance

5. Will support in a good endeavor.

An employee who is not a member of the Trade Union is deprived of the help of the Trade Union, condemns himself to always remain alone with the employer.

All following stuff make him anxious: facing the industrial hardships, to be conscious that in any controversial situation his chances are uneven, he may not receive compensation payments, to suffer mobbing and lose work, get injured and stay with them alone.

Joining the Trade Union will really protect you from many labor disruptions and will allow you to influence your destiny yourself, not by others.

A union member may NOT be fired from work under an employer’s initiative without the consent of the Trade union committee if there are no legitimate grounds for this.


  • to resolve conflicts, personal problems with the employer not personally, but through the Trade union;
  • for free legal aid in consideration of an individual labor dispute with an employer;
  • to get support of the Trade Union and its specialists in matters of wages;
  • size of wages and timely payment of wages;
  • to assist in improving the qualifications of an employee;
  • on the Trade union control over the respect of the rights of Trade union members;
  • for additional guarantees to members of the Trade Union which are members of the elected collegiate bodies of Trade union organizations;
  • to be protected by the Trade Union in the case of unjustified proposals for dismissal from work, other unjust actions;
  • other rights.

For this, you need to apply with the Application on joining the Trade Union (Google drive) and apply to the accountancy with the Application for the transfer of membership fees (Google drive), accounting for 1% of the monthly salary or minimum salary – for unemployed members.

A Trade Union member Non-Trade Union member
1. The Trade Union bodies represent and defend your labor and social interests in front of the employer, the state authorities. 1. You are not a Trade Union member. Can you independently solve your professional problems with the head of the line or with other representatives who allegedly have already made a decision on who is right?
 2. Has the right to receive free legal advice and legal assistance from the Trade Union. In the event of conflicts (including collective) on labor and social rights, the Trade union may represent its members in the courts and not only. 2. You are not a Trade Union member. You do not have such a right, and you will be forced to apply for legal assistance at an appropriate fee and protect your rights yourself. You will have to pay for a lawyer for representation in court in the amount of 800 – 3 000 UAH. for each workdays (not counting the cost of preparing a statement of claim – 4 000 – 8 000 UAH.), and for the usual consultation – 500 -1500 UAH. for one question.
3. If there is such a financial opportunity, if necessary, the Trade Union will always provide you with material assistance from the Trade union budget. 3. You are not a Trade Union member. You are not entitled to such assistance. You will have to apply for material support from the employer. If you are an “average” employee, you’re unlikely to be able to count on such help.
4. On your behalf, the Trade Union can negotiate a collective agreement. The law stipulates that an employee may receive, but not be limited to, from an employer at least as prescribed by law. 4. Where there are no Trade Union members – there is no collective agreement that would really protect the interests of employees. There is a “paper” that protects the interests of the employer and helps him “optimize costs.”
5. You will definitely receive the protection of theTrade Union upon dismissal from the employer’s initiative and in case of disciplinary action. The consent of the Trade Union to dismissal is obligatory in many cases (reduction of staff, according to the results of attestation, repeated failure to fulfill labor obligations, etc.). A member of the Trade Union is much more likely to remain at work, because the trade union organization, considering the expediency of the proposed reduction and its legitimacy can affect the administration and prevent release. 5. You are not a Trade Union member. Non Trade Union member does not have such a guarantee and protection. Non Trade Union member – alone with the employer. Does he have enough knowledge and strength to stand? A non-union member will be dismissed in the case of a “staff reduction” after the expiration of two months after the announcement. His salary can be reduced to the minimum, just by the announcement, and he can be released without any compensation if he disagrees with such “improvement”. He can be forced to move to another city, changing his place of work, and be released without any compensation if he does not agree with such “improvement”.
6. In the case of an industrial injury in the investigation of an accident, a representative of the Trade Union will be required to attend. Objectivity of the approved decision is guaranteed. 6. You are not a Trade Union member. Can you be sure that investigation of the accident was conducted without bias? Consequences of the conclusions of the commission, created by the employer, can be very unfavorable for the employee.
7. The law gives the Trade Union the opportunity to influence the employer who violates the law, up to the requirement to dismiss a General Manager of the bank or a line manager. 7. Not members of the Trade Union do not control the administration and are obliged to agree to “give” on the issues of establishing forms and systems of remuneration, dismissal, protection of labor, employment provision, etc. They can not act collectively.
The strength of trade union members in their unity. Higher salary, better working conditions, greater safety at the workplace – all these issues can be solved only together. Do you want to be alone? Without protection, and even possibly without a law?


Below listed people can join the Trade Union of Banking and Financial Sector Employees:


those who are currently working in banks and financial sector enterprises: insurance companies, AMC, leasing companies and so on.


those who evere worked in banks and financial sector enterprises: insurance companies, AMC, leasing companies and so on.


those who work or have ever worked in the Banks and in the financial sector: insurance companies, AMC, leasing companies, and so on.


those who have ever been trained in the entities mentioned in item 1 above


those who have a desire to work in the legal entities specified in item 1 above

What is needed for joining the Trade Union

Please refer to the Trade Union Statute here

Please fill out the application for admission to the trade union [ download here ] (Google Drive), application for membership fees [ download here ] (Google Drive)

Send the application to the address: 51200, Dnipropetrovsk region, Novomoskovsk, street. English 8/120.

If you are not sure why you should join the trade union, please note the “Legal protection” of the members of the union.

If you need to protection from the Trade Union or have personal complaints about the employer, let us know about it.


NOTICE! Justice, solidarity, defense and law – are the basic principles of the Trade Union activity.

Usually, employees fully understand the benefits of membership in the Trade Union, but fear (sometimes fairly) repressions from the side of employers.

The trade union protects its members from repression and ensures compliance with their constitutional rights. Information about members of the trade union is not available and will never be publicly accessible. By law, persons who impede the exercise of the right of citizens to unite in the unions, as well as officials and other persons, are guilty of violating the legislation on trade unions which, by their actions or inaction, impede the lawful activity of the Unions, bear disciplinary, administrative or criminal responsibility in accordance with laws.

The trade union actively protects its rights. In the case of creating unlawful interference with the activities of the Unions, it will demand the prosecution of the perpetrators, up to the criminal one. Unlike the weak position of a single worker, the Trade Union has a much wider legal capacity to fight wage laborers for their rights.

The size of membership fees

By the decision of the Trade Union Trade Union, the size of membership union fees is set at 1% of the monthly salary.

The activities of the Trade Union are based on the principles of transparency and legality. You can get acquainted with the purpose, main tasks and principles of the Trade Union at any time.

The working languages of the Trade Union are Ukrainian and English.

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